Cafe Bistro Pomeroy Bar Brasserie

Pomeroy, loosely translated by the French to mean “The King’s Apple,” is a neighborhood bistro for great friends and fine foods in the charming heart of Winnetka. Inspired by the Parisian greats, the restaurant is comfortable and elegant, bringing accessible French fare to the North Shore.


Anna and Ryan O'Donnell
Whether it's the southern Italian favorites at Coda di Volpe, the American-inspired cuisine at Gemini, rustic Mexican cantina Old Pueblo, the pleasure of a great steak at Sophia Steak or a menu that focuses equally on sweet and savory at Buck Russell’s Bakery & Sandwich Shop, Ballyhoo restaurants offer thoughtful, inspired food and drinks that satisfy in memorable ways again and again. Including sophisticated Mediterranean at our restaurant partner, Andros Taverna.
Glenn Keefer
In 1980 Glenn Keefer was new to Chicago and a new face behind the bar at The Palm steakhouse. Glenn was the sort of bartender who made friends and regulars out of first-time guests, and in the 12 years he was there, mixing drinks and, eventually, managing the joint, you can imagine how many friends he made. Bill O’Donnell was one of them.

Fast forward 20 years. Glenn was running his own steakhouse, Keefer’s, in River North. Got a call from Bill, whose son, Ryan, had just graduated from Kendall College and was serious about a culinary career. Ryan started in the kitchen at Keefer’s before Glenn took him under his wing to learn the front of house. A quick study, he rose to become manager, meeting Anna, then a server, along the way.
Jon Farrer
Native Californian Jonathan Farrer’s entrepreneurial spirit was influenced at an early age by the ever-changing landscape of the restaurant industry. For the last decade he has guided operations for five restaurant groups between his home city of L.A. and Chicago. In 2018, Farrer made the move back to Chicago specifically to work with Ballyhoo Hospitality's Ryan O'Donnell. It's a homecoming of sorts for Farrer, who worked at O'Donnell's first restaurant, Gemini, back in 2009.

Farrer decided he would rejoin Ballyhoo to help contribute to the restaurant group's growth and partner with a company whose emphasis on genuine customer service and relentless execution aligned with his own.
Sarah and Kerry Wood
Kerry and Sarah Wood met in Chicago in their early 20's when Kerry was just starting his 15 year MLB career with the Chicago Cubs. With a strong commitment to Chicago, the couple wanted to give back to the city that gave so much to Kerry. In 2011, they formed the Wood Family Foundation and built an after-school mentoring program, Pitch In, for 4th-8th grade students. Their program serves hundreds of CPS students in some of Chicago’s most underserved communities.

In recent years, the Woods moved their family from Chicago to Winnetka, with the same desire to support their community. As friends of Ballyhoo Hospitality's Ryan and Anna O'Donnell, they have always admired and respected their integrity and grit. Upon witnessing the success of Sophia Steak, Kerry & Sarah are excited to be a partner with Ballyhoo Hospitality on their latest concept in Winnetka, Pomeroy, their first French restaurant serving the community in the North Shore.

Founded in 2018 by husband-and-wife partners Ryan and Anna O'Donnell, Ballyhoo Hospitality champions the qualities that make a neighborhood restaurant great. Ballyhoo restaurants offer thoughtful, authentic food and drinks and a feeling of satisfaction after each experience. With a genuine, heartfelt greeting upon arrival and an honest appreciation for each visit, Ballyhoo restaurants have quickly become pillars of their community by creating long-lasting memories for our guests time and time again.

Ballyhoo Hospitality